Look and feel amazing on your wedding day!


Many brides and mothers of the bride struggle to feel good about their body on the big day.

My process for wedding weight loss will help brides and mothers of the bride lose weight (for good) and feel absolutely amazing in their dress by the wedding day.

My wedding weight loss process helps you gain confidence and manage the stress leading up to the wedding day.


Elle Bley

Elle Bley

Risa devoted her time and attention to each area of interest that I wanted to discuss. She genuinely cares about her clients and builds deep relationships with them. Risa helped me continue my journey of self-love and body positivity.

Her advice was incredibly helpful on how to maintain a balance while also being a great wedding guest. I highly recommend her!
Risa has been absolutely amazing and has made our big day less stressful and more exciting! She has an extensive amount of experience working in the wedding industry.

She really listened to us and provided great input about everything we had questions about. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her. I highly recommend her!
Brittany Innes

Brittany Innes

Why work with me?

Hi, I’m Risa!

I’ve helped hundreds of brides plan and execute their dream come true weddings and now I help brides have their dream come true bodies for their dream come true wedding.

I've worked in the wedding business since 1987 and I saw so many brides and mothers experience their special day with shame about their body and so stressed out that they just wanted the day to be over. I want all brides to look and feel amazing on the wedding day-and enjoy every minute!

I too used to hate my body and I felt so unattractive and didn’t have confidence in myself or my life. I've lost 90 pounds and have kept it off since 2015! Today, I feel confident, beautiful and full of energy.

I've taken the process I used to lose 90 pounds and combined it with what works for brides and mothers of the bride to lose weight.

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